Imagine All The Sales People...

by Richard Letaw


We know three very important facts about salespeople and the world they inhabit:

Fact 1 - A great salesperson can make all the difference in the success of a publisher. They skillfully cultivate clients, get access to the best campaign opportunities and have long-lasting relationships with important people on the demand side.

Fact 2 - To support their salespeople’s efforts, publishers utilize a wide array of advertising technologies and a slew of operations people to manage them all.

Fact 3 - Salespeople dislike using multiple systems!

Living Life in Peace

Imagine that rather than selling a sponsorship targeting one-armed knitters in Wisconsin for a $2 CPM, salespeople could instead have an entire suite of sellable products (and pricing) accessible through their Salesforce logins. Sellers selling deliverable products equals happier traffickers!

Living for Today

Not only that, imagine a world where instead of interminable streams of emails with inventory managers being the norm, the inventory for multiple product types–including banners, sponsorships, newsletters, events, and data products–are connected to their respective inventory management sources in real time.

Sharing All The World

In this world, a new order can be pushed into the post-sale workflow and straight to the ad server with pre-populated naming conventions, complete with targeting and flight dates. Rather than redundant, error-prone data entry in multiple platforms, the minutiae of the order creation is eliminated via automation.

The result would be a workflow that lets the sellers operate solely in their platform of choice, while bringing in actionable information from across the enterprise.

Through its integration with Salesforce, AdBook creates that world. It alleviates the vast majority of friction for salespeople by becoming the front end to the larger ecosystem of publisher tools and inventory sources. With this tool at hand, sellers access real-time inventory availability through a single login, which manages the entire process from pitch to pay.

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