Talking Revenue Management with AdMonsters

by Deanne Zilberstein


Our own Clayton Tarics sat down with AdMonsters’ Brian LaRue to talk about, Revenue Management, the introduction of AdBook+ and the ways that publishers can drive efficiencies through streamlined business processes.

On Revenue Management as compared to Order Management:

Order management, for publishers, is a bit of a misnomer. An order management solution is more like a system that you’d run on your web store for T-shirts and funny coffee mugs. Airline pricing systems are the textbook example of revenue management, but I also think of that gate that I have to go through in the parking garage at work—that’s a revenue management system in the parking industry. The heart of digital advertising revenue management is a platform that connects all the disparate systems in the publisher tech stack that contribute to the generation of revenue and yield optimization. It drives the comprehensive, cross-channel sales and execution strategy.

Revenue management needs to present insights from analytics in an actionable manner. That influences how sales happen, product packaging and mix, pricing, downstream ad campaign optimization. There’s a business workflow control element, like the parking garage gate, that manages and puts controls around the end-to-end process. A new horizon for us is extending the publisher’s sales reach.

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