B2B Publishers Rely on AdBook+ to Solve Unique Challenges

by Richard Letaw

What do John Deere’s display ads, Midel’s conference sponsorship, and Carbonite’s newsletter campaign have in common? All three are seamlessly managed by a single B2B business publisher property with AdBook’s flexible and extensible order management tools.

B2B publishers possess unique challenges as compared to other verticals: they often serve diverse sets of niche industries (National Hog Farmer, anyone?), ad products vary across publications, and many of those aren’t standardized across the publications’ campaigns. This multitude of ad types and inventory management systems compromise a streamlined sales process. On its own, this fragmented infrastructure can result in diminished profitability through redundant workload, inefficient processes, and unstructured data exchange.

AdBook’s flexible core functionality allows B2B publishers to streamline workflow process, maximize turnkey platforms like Salesforce and originate new demand through Automated Guaranteed channels.


Manage Diverse Products – Products and inventory for banner ads, digital ads (both mobile and video), data products, social content creation, email newsletters, print publications and conference sponsorships are supported by the flexibility of AdBook’s Media Tree, its native inventory engine, and real-time connection with DFP’s inventory availability algorithms.

Operate Salesforce.com – Sales people prefer to operate in the systems they know, namely Salesforce. With the AdBook managed package sales people view the entire product catalog, access real time inventory availability and book products to be sent to the OMS. This way, sales people spend less time learning new ad tech, or bugging inventory managers, and more time selling.

Create New Programmatic Demand – Buys are both managed and originated through AdBook. Demand-Side Platforms connect directly to AdBook, and the ecosystem of B2B Automated Guaranteed campaigns are available to a much larger set of advertisers.

A centralized order management system connected to an expansive list of marketing services providers creates time savings and eases workflow challenges for B2B publishers.

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