Introducing The MediaMath AdBook Integration

by Clayton Tarics

Audience extension campaigns are a proven method for publishers to augment ad inventory and revenue. Without integration between their OMS and DSP, it is not as operationally efficient and scalable as it otherwise could be.

To solve this problem and generally streamline the creation, trafficking, and billing of programmatic ad campaigns, FatTail has developed a first of its kind integration between AdBook and MediaMath.

As a result of this integration, publishers are able to save countless hours managing audience extension campaigns, and leverage the same business controls that are in place for sales of owned and operated properties.


Direct Field Mapping – AdBook supports more than 60 MediaMath campaign and strategy-level fields, alleviating the need for redundant line item setup.

Pre-Set Product Attributes – MediaMath settings captured by AdBook can be stored at the product level, offering an opportunity for product standardization and further streamlining order entry.

Automated Campaign Naming – standardizes naming conventions using pre-defined campaign parameters

For example, the name of every audience extension campaign can follow this rule: advertiser name _ flight dates _ audience extension product name.

When the new order is created, the naming convention is automatically built. The line item is sent to MediaMath as Toyota_4/1-4/30_NewCarIntenders.

Automated Billing Amount And Margin Calculations

To afford publishers a greater degree of visibility and pricing control AdBook automatically calculates the difference between the client facing order price and media acquisition costs. Combining this data with third party fulfillment consolidates direct sold and programmatic revenue.


For an existing AdBook environment implementation of this connection can be enabled within hours.

The MediaMath integration joins the extensive list of integration points AdBook has with the ad tech ecosystem.


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