The Challenges and Opportunities for B2B Publishers with Doug Huntington

When Doug Huntington sits down with AdMonsters Brian LaRue we get a crash course about the challenges that B2B publishers face. The topics of monetization, audience data, automation and private marketplaces are top of mind

An important trend that Doug touches upon is the valuable aggregation of data that B2B publishers have acquired. Often these publishers are substantially more than writers of news and niche business stories. Many times, these publishers have substantial market data. They create primary research, compile reports, hold conferences and develop holistic marketing opportunities. As Doug says:

They are engaged with their audiences. They tend to be smaller, more focused audiences, and the publishers are very good at fostering relationships with them through a wide array of content marketing products—webinars, apps, blogs, focus groups, ebooks, newsletter, events, studies, white papers. The smart B2B sites tie all of this data together into a 360-degree view of their readership, and develop data strategies to drive deeper audience engagement.

To find out more about B2B publishers, their move to advertising driven automation, development of audience extension campaigns and the evolution toward audience based marketing read the full article.