Sales Enablement

You need your sellers to focus on developing relationships and being responsive to client demands. Does your platform provide:

- Easy, direct access to available inventory?

- Visibility into past and current campaign performance?

- Seamless integration into your sales front-end (CRM) system or other business applications?

- Booking capabilities across all media types?

Order Management

Ad Operations and Finance are the centers of excellence in Revenue Management.  These teams carry the largest burden of organizing and mobilizing inventory as well as tracking, delivering and billing revenue.

At this stage in the game, automation and increased efficiency within the order to cash process is a no-brainer. You need to clear the deck to allow these teams to focus on yield, campaign optimization, and product development. To do that well, you need a platform which manages the day to day for you.

Does your platform allow you to apply business rules, workflow, and automation to the day to day order management process? Do you have easy access to campaign performance data, as well as visibility in to the day to day operational workload of your team?

Financial Management

Dreaming of a shorter month-end close process? Wish you had better insight into revenue pacing? Want to escape the Bermuda Triangle of ‘agency-adops-finance’ 3rd party reconciliation? Tired of policing rate exceptions?

All of these issues have solutions with the right tools. All are fueled by the same critical data; your systems should provide the ability to aggregate and analyze 1st and 3rd party campaign delivery data well ahead of the month-end process. This will allow you transparency into revenue (and should avoid ugly surprises) as well as support a more accurate and efficient close process.

Channel Management

Your sellers may be aligned by channel, but your revenue operations teams are expected to manage across all. Do you have disparate systems and/or manual processes for managing inventory, execution and revenue?