5 tips for getting the most out of #SFS2019 (or any virtual conference)!

Whether this is your first or fiftieth virtual event, here are our top five tips for getting maximum value from a virtual conference.

1. Prepare for the day

Clear your schedule ahead of time and make conference attendance a priority. All sessions are less than an hour, with lots of breaks to check your inbox or get updates from your team about burning issues.

Block your calendar and find a quiet place where you can focus so that you can get the most out of the event.

The Strategies for Success (#SFS2019) Agenda is finalized and contains links for individual session registration – sign up now to get your personal access links!

2. Check your spam email

Once you sign up, you’re going to receive an email with your personal access link. If this email doesn’t automatically show up in your inbox, check your spam folder (if you use Gmail, look in your promotions folder).

Please do not forward or share your access link – all attendees need to register individually.  This helps us both track attendance, and ensures everyone receives post-event follow ups.

3. Understand why you’re attending

FatTail designed #SFS2019 with three key attendee learning objectives in mind:

  • Personal strategies – learn ONE NEW TECHNIQUE to better influence successful outcomes as they relate to your personal or professional impact

  • Platform strategies – find ONE NEW IDEA on how to better leverage the power of AdBook+

  • There is power in community – leave with at least ONE NEW CONNECTION in your network

How well do these align with what are you hoping to gain by attending?

4. Be kind – rewind ;)

All sessions will be recorded which makes it easy to replay or share with colleagues after the event.  There’s no need to choose between two interesting breakout topics; you can participate live in one and watch the other later.

5. Network!

Maximize your ability to network with attendees via the conference platform. You won’t have to search an exhibit hall or wander through a networking reception hoping to make a connection with the right person. Instead, you can reach out via the event platform to any attendee at the conference, so you won’t miss making those important connections. And if you’re an introvert, networking virtually may be more within your comfort zone.

More of an extrovert? Create a group experience in your office!  Talking about new ideas helps you remember key points and synthesize new information. Book a conference room and invite colleagues who are also attending to watch sessions with you. Or, schedule group discussions at the end of the day and pass on what you’ve learned to your co-workers after the event. It’s an excellent way to help retain your knowledge and show leadership within your organization.

Laura Boodram